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Egg Donor Central is the egg donation program of Fairfax EggBank, one of the largest and most experienced and trusted egg banks in the world. Our trusted egg donation clinics are located throughout the US. Since our egg donors donate eggs locally, you won’t have to travel far to go through the screening process and become an egg donor. Egg Donor Central has 10 convenient egg donation locations throughout the US, so you won’t have to travel too far to participate.

Feel good knowing that your precious gift of donor eggs can benefit others located anywhere in the country, thanks to our advanced techniques for freezing, shipping, and thawing frozen donor eggs.


Find an Egg Donation Location Near You:

Virginia: Fairfax
Maryland: Towson**
Arizona: Phoenix and Tucson
California: Irvine and San Francisco
Michigan: Bloomfield Hills
Texas: Austin and Dallas
Utah: Clearfield, Pleasant Grove, and Sandy
Idaho: Idaho Falls***

** The Towson, Maryland office is for monitoring appointments only. Donors from Towson will need to travel to Fairfax, Virginia for the initial screening, occasional monitoring appointments, and the egg retrieval procedure.

*** Those who donate through the Idaho Falls, Idaho clinic will need to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah for one appointment. The rest of the visits will take place at the Idaho Falls clinic location.

What Are The Requirements for Egg Donors?

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