Donation Process
Our Simple Egg Donation Process


Apply online to become an egg donor with our preliminary egg donor application which will help determine your eligibility.

Testing & Screening

If you’re eligible, we’ll do some initial testing and screening (at no cost to you), and you’ll earn $200 upon completion.

Egg Donation Program Acceptance

If you’re accepted into our egg donor program, you’ll earn an additional $300.

Donation and Compensation

Earn up to $8,000 for your time and travel every time you complete an egg donation cycle (you can donate up to 6 times!).

Watch our egg donor application video, which explains the donation process

Start the Egg Donation Process Now – in 7 Easy Steps:

Step 1

You can start the egg donation process by applying online to become an egg donor after reviewing our requirements and FAQ’s about the program.

Step 2

After you fill out your initial application, you will be invited to fill out a medical questionnaire about your health and family background.

Step 3

Your egg donor coordinator will contact you to set up an interview. The interview will involve going over the details of the entire donation process and answering any questions you may have regarding egg donor compensation, screening questions or tests, and what the next steps are in the donation process.

Step 4

After your interview, the next step is to begin your medical screening. This includes a physical exam, a psychological evaluation, screening for genetic and infectious diseases, hormone testing, and a vaginal ultrasound. This health screening will give you valuable insight into your current health and genetic background, at no cost to you.

Step 5

Once all of your testing and screening is complete, the next step in the donation process is that the Medical Director will review your results and you will be notified of your potential acceptance into our program.

Step 6

Once accepted into the program, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for professional photographs. Your identity will remain confidential and anonymous to donor egg families. We do offer an ID Option for our donors, learn more about it here.

Step 7

The next step is the egg donation cycle. During the donation cycle, you will visit the clinic 6-8 times over a 2 week period leading up to your egg retrieval. For further details, refer to our FAQ’s.


Why Should You Donate at Fairfax EggBank?

Unlike typical programs, you can cycle right after you’re accepted into our program, making the process much quicker.

Fairfax EggBank is a world leader in egg banking. We are an extension of GIVF’s fresh donor program, established in the late 80’s.

Your safety is our #1 priority. We take meticulous care of our donors and make sure to personalize the experience each donor has with us.

Since you don’t need to wait until a recipient chooses you, you have a stronger guarantee of being compensated quicker and in the full amount.

Further details will be discussed during the screening process and information sessions. Your comfort and safety is our top concern!


Real Testimonials and What People are Saying:

“I love love love Fairfax! Not only are they an amazing company, they are also amazing at making you their number one!! After one of best friends found out she wouldn’t be able to conceive kids on her own, I started doing research, and found that 1 out of 8 couples need help conceiving. Through my search, I realized at Fairfax EggBank, while I may not be directly helping my friend, I’d be helping others… and this has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am now preparing for my 5th cycle donating, and I can honestly say that Fairfax EggBank makes dreams come true.”

“I had my first egg donation with Fairfax August 2016 and it was nothing short of exceptional! I have donated one time before with a different fertility company and could not be happier I applied to Fairfax. They were super thorough and really take their time to work with you and make sure you are completely comfortable. They kept me informed on everything going on and always answered my questions right away. I really appreciated being kept in the circle at all times and any emails I sent asking questions or concerns were answered right away.

When donating with FairFax I did not have to wait for a couple to pick me and wait for our cycles to be on track together compared to another clinic I previously worked with. That really stood out to me because once the intended parents are ready to try and if they pick my eggs will already be ready and neither person will have the stress of getting on the same cycle and can take their time. In my opinion it makes everything so much smoother and less stressful.”


Ready to get started?

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