Our Simple Egg Donation Process

Step 1: Apply to be an Egg Donor

Apply online with our preliminary egg donor application which will help determine your eligibility. Be sure to check our egg donor requirements.

Step 2: Health Testing and Screening

If you’re eligible for our donation program, we’ll do some initial health testing (at no cost to you) and you’ll earn $200 upon completion.

Step 3: Program Acceptance

Once you’re accepted into our egg donor program, you’ll earn an additional $300.

Step 4: Donating Eggs with Us

Earn up to $8,000 for your time and local travel every time you complete an egg donation cycle.

Egg Donor Referral Rewards Program

Egg Donor Referral Rewards Program

Anyone and everyone is eligible to participate in our Donor Referral Rewards Program. It’s pretty straightforward: once your referred egg donor is accepted into our egg donation program, you will receive $50. Then, you’ll receive a $150 referral bonus if she completes her egg donation. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make! Bonus: Fairfax EggBank donors can earn even more by referring others into our program!

Have Questions About Egg Donation?

If you need additional information, contact us at donor@fairfaxeggbank.com.